The Amphibious Passenger Bus from Hamburg, Germany

15Nov - by clickstitbits - 0 - In Commerce Transportation

Unique business idea emerges in Germany! The Riverbus, an amphibious passenger bus that can take up to 36 people on an 80 minute tour of Hamburg port on both water and land.
The Hamburg Port Authority has officially approved the vehicle for travel on land and sea.Apart from the 36 passengers, three crew were among those aboard the river-bus on a land and waterborne tour beginning in Speicherstadt and onto the Landungsbrücken. “That is a real addition to the port of Hamburg and will certainly attract families with children in particular”, said Rolf Strittmatter, provisional head of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH.
The Riverbus is built on a MAN truck base, body is built from composite materials by a Hungarian company. It can take up to 36 passengers and 3 crew members on an 80 minute sightseeing ride on land and water.
While on land it is powered by the normal internal combustion engine, but in water it is propelled by two propellers and controls are completely different. In the first few months of operation this bus-boat was very popular, meaning that there is only one day per week for maintenance, which is carried out by the MAN service outlet at Moorfleet.