Exclusive Preview: Video walk around of the new Challenger 1000 Series

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Agco Challenger is bringing what it calls a new category of high-horsepower tractor to the market next month. The Challenger 1000 Series tractors, available in four models ranging from 396 to 517 engine horsepower, is designed to offer the power of a articulated 4-wheel drive tractor in a compact fixed frame that can be easily maneuvered between the crop rows.

Charles Schrader, Agco product marketing specialist with Challenger HHP tractors, gave Farm Industry News an exclusive preview and walk-around look at the new series at the Agco Engineering Center in Jackson, MN

“The true beauty of this tractor is that it can be flexibly ballasted to go from the traditional front-wheel-assist tractor market all the way up into the low-horsepower articulated 4WD tractor market, allowing it to perform multiple operations–from planting to heavy tillage and packing silage,” Schrader says. “You have the capability to add or reduce weight.”

Unique to this tractor is its low-engine-speed, high-torque technology available in a MAN 12.4 L engine. The tractor has a maximum torque of 1100 rpm to 1500 rpm, allowing it to perform multiple operations–from planting, to heavy tillage, to packing silage—with maximum efficiency, Schrader says.

“Also, before, nothing in HHP segment allowed for great comfort in and out of field and the road speeds this tractor can provide,” Schrader says. “So it offers more efficiency and a greater cost benefit for customer.”

The tractor features an entirely new AccuDrive drivetrain, which is the next-generation of the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The transmission provides stepless shifting to go from a low speed all the way up to 31 mph without any change in ranges.

“The AccuDrive drivetrain takes a lot of the operation out of customers’ hands so they can focus on the task at hand,” Schrader says. “The customer no longer needs to worry about controlling the speed ranges on this tractor because it is intelligent.”

He says a shuttle feature lets you easily shuttle between backward and forward by pressing a propel-enable button. “It’s just like driving a lawnmower.”

Other key features of the new series include an ISO-compliant AccuTerminal that controls all tractor implement functions and a new cab designed for comfort, ride, and ease of control.

“We are very excited about this platform and what it can provide in terms of the cost-benefit for all of the wide ranges of applications on the farm,” Schrader says.

The Challenger 1000 Series tractors will make their public debut at farm shows this fall, including the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa; Big Iron in West Fargo, N. D. and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Neb. For more information about these new tractors or to find a dealer near you and arrange a demonstration, visit challenger-ag.us.

Culled from: Farm Industry News.