Personal Transports

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Transportation have always been an integral part of man’s existence; aiding commerce and social endevours. Man’s first means of transportation are the beasts of burden; then later, came the metal beasts, including those that glide across oceans, and those that hovers, crossing and traversing distant lands, even beyond our planet.

Over the decades, man has slowly but steadily increased capacity to develop different type of transport vehicles that have satisfy various human need, conquer speed, distance, convenience, and opulence, yet his hunger to surpass himself and discover or create new methods of easing our transportation problems has not wane, instead it has continues to peak with the help of technology.

Attesting to this fact is the recent unveiling of prototype personal vehicles like the WalkCar which will be on commercial sale soon. The Walker, a creation of Kuniako Saito, a Japanese Engineer, is like the size of your bathroom weight scale with the ability of motion! The Walker is that small; in fact small enough to fit into your normal laptop bag but strong enough to bear the weight of a full grown adult. It can go 7½ miles when charged.  It has four wheels and is controlled by tilting the body weight in the preferred direction.

The Hoverboard, another personal transport receiving rave reviews, is a skateboard of sort; but different in that when active and in motion, the Hoverboard will levitates an inch or more above ground to deliver you to your destination! Car Manufacturer, Lexus and another company named Hendo, have both recently unveiled working models of their respective Hoverboards. One day you might just see your kid(s) levitating to school on one Hoverboard or the other!


Traffic gridlock is a constant frustration in most big cities worldwide, it have defied solutions of all kind. But wait! Imagine you are held up in traffic and time is not on your side for an appointment, well, you smiled, tap some buttons on the dash board of your car, bingo! Your car manoeuvre vertically without much ado, and quietly lift off in flight into the air, helping you beat the traffic and time!

Yeah! That’s the Terrafugia TF-X; a hybrid electric car/aircraft developed by Terrafugia, a United States company. This is a four passenger vehicle, that cruise on roads like a normal car and is able to take off and land quietly, vertically within an ample space.  When it finally goes commercial, the price will surely not kill your purse, according to Terrafugia, the price of a TF-X will be within the range of any average car around!

This personal transport can go 800km (i.e 500miles) at a stretch of a single flight, and is powered by a rechargeable electric battery. It could easily be parked into a single car garage!

Hmmm, we’re sure looking forward to ride in one, what about you?