Internet of Things [ IoT ]

28Jul - by Ola'lekan Babatunde - 0 - In Articles

Teemed everyday with virtual presence of millions of the world populace via the use of cell phones, PC, laptops, IPad, etc., the Internet has evolve to become unarguably one of man’s most pervasive technological inventions; and one that will be all enduring in the coming years, especially now that not a little portion of our daily activities anchor round it one way or the other.  There’s been no such technology that have invaded people and engaged them much as the internet does both in their professional and personal life.

Since the advent of the Internet several years back, the number of people online has gone explosively high and still growing; becoming the epicenter of communication and social interaction. Most companies, governments, agencies, corporations, not-for-profits, and even individuals have taken their businesses and activities online to the extent that certain traditionally onsite tasks are now being performed on the internet.

It is no surprise therefore that the internet is fast leaving behind its limitation garb of a traditional community of computers networked to interact virtually with one another via the World Wide Web using IP addresses and browsers that enable us navigate through tons of data – texts, graphics, videos and other items on this information superhighway, to embrace the stage where interaction extend to physical objects like cars, buildings, animals, roads/highways, appliances which are assigned IP addresses and embedded with sensors that give them the ability to independently detect one another and communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi; gathering, analyzing, and responding to information in real time with no human input along the process line.

The Iot is here, some devices to set up IoT are already available, check At advance state, the IoT will help smart up our life. Our homes could become efficient by carrying out functions like opening and closing doors or windows, putting on lights, re-stocking the refrigerator, and become more secure as it will be able to identify and prevent unauthorized entry all by itself. The IoT will help to curb crimes in our cities by helping law enforcement with adequate and useful real time information; enhance monitoring of events like weather change or crisis situations, highways can help vehicle navigation by sending useful information about traffic jams, or unexpected occurrences like an accident. These are just few of what IoT is capable of achieving, the possibilities are endless.

Initial skepticism and obstacles like the restriction of the IPv4 has been surmounted with the flexibility of IPv6 which have no restriction on the number of IP addresses that can be created. This will make the IoT phenomenon, which have been deployed within few commercial and industrial environments, spread up earlier than anticipated, covering larger number of objects that might one day include humans!  So brace yourself for the new level internet that will turn everything around us “smart” and discoverable online.

* First Published in the Cyber Africa Magazine; the Print version of  AIT INFOTECH NETWORK | August 2015 Issue, Pg. 30.